Variable Frequency Drive Siemens SINAMICS G120X

Variable frequency drive Siemens SINAMICS G120X

Variable frequency drive Siemens SINAMICS G120X – 6SL3220-3YE18-0AF0
The SINAMICS G120X – 6SL3220-3YE18-0AF0 3-phase variable frequency drive from Siemens is the ideal choice for controlling motors in areas with a focus on the movement of water/wastewater or heating, ventilation and air conditioning in building automation as well as in industrial environments. The variable frequency drive with a rated power of 3 kW complies with the global EMC standards. Thanks to the SINAMICS Smart Access Module, which is available separately and the IOP-2 operator panel, commissioning of the variable frequency drive is quick and easy.

Due to its robust construction, the SINAMICS G120X – 6SL3220-3YE18-0AF0 variable frequency drive can also be used in harsh environments and makes your drive application ready for digitalisation.


  • Drip-proof enclosure and painted assemblies
  • Integrated DC link reactors
  • Category C2 radio interference suppression filter
  • Basic Operator Panel IOP-2
  • PROFINET-PN/Ethernet IP Communication
  • Cloud connection with SINAMICS CONNECT 300
  • Integrated application-specific energy efficiency functions such as flux reduction, Keep Running Mode, Pump Boost or ECO mode
  • Integrated safety feature Safe Torque Off (STO SIL3)
  • Compatible with SIMATIC S7-1200, S7-1500 and S7-400

General data
Design : Variable frequency drive
Series : SINAMICS G120X
Cooling : Internal fan
Communication : PROFINET-PN, Ethernet IP
Size : FSA

Electrical data
Mains voltage : 380-480 V AC (+10/-20 %)
Mains frequency : 47-63 Hz
Number of input phases : 3 AC
Number of output phases : 3 AC
Rated voltage : 400 V
Power rating (HO) : 2.2 kW
Power Rating (LO) : 3 kW
Rated current (HO) : 5.29 A
Rated current (LO) : 6.9 A
Pulse frequency : 4 kHz
Output frequency : 0-550 Hz
Digital inputs : 6
Digital outputs (changeover contact) : 2
Analogue input : 2
Analogue output : 1
Motor cable length shielded max. : 200 m
Motor cable length unshielded max. : 300 m

Mechanical data
Width : 73 mm
Height : 232 mm
Depth : 209 mm

Ambient conditions
Operating temperature min. : -20 °C
Operating temperature max. : 45 °C
Protection rating : IP20

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