Variable Frequency Drive Siemens SINAMICS G120C

Variable frequency drive Siemens SINAMICS G120C

The SINAMICS G120C – 6SL3210-1KE17-5AF1 3-phase variable frequency drive from Siemens is the ideal choice for controlling motors, especially in areas with a focus on pumps, ventilation and packing systems such as in conveyor system technology and for storage and retrieval machines. Commissioning of the variable frequency drive with a rated power of 3 kW can be carried out quickly and easily using the SINAMICS G120 Smart Access Module and the IOP-2 operator panel, which are available separately.

Due to its robust construction, the SINAMICS G120C – 6SL3210-1KE17-5AF1 variable frequency drive can also be used in harsh environments. It is the perfect drive for continuous processes with high speed and torque accuracy and makes your drive application ready for digitalisation.


  • Painted assemblies
  • Inputs: 6 x digital, 1 x anlogue
  • Outputs: 2 x digital (changeover/transistor), 1 x analogue
  • Class A EMC filter
  • PROFINET-PN/Ethernet IP Communication
  • Integrated brake chopper
  • Vector control without sensor
  • Automatic flux reduction with U/f ECO
  • Safe Torque Off (STO) safety technology
  • Compatible with SIMATIC S7-1200 and SIMATIC ET200

General data
Design : Variable frequency drive
Series : SINAMICS G120C
Cooling : Internal fan
Communication : PROFINET-PN, Ethernet IP
Size : FSA

Electrical data
Mains frequency : 47-63 Hz
Number of input phases : 3 AC
Number of output phases : 3 AC
Rated voltage : 400 V
Power rating (HO) : 2.2 kW
Power Rating (LO) : 3 kW
Rated current (HO) : 8.2 A
Rated current (LO) : 9.5 A
Pulse frequency : 4 kHz
Output frequency : 0-550 Hz
Digital inputs : 6
Digital outputs (changeover contact) : 1
Digital outputs (Transistor) : 1
Analogue input : 1
Analogue output : 1
Motor cable length shielded max. : 150 m
Motor cable length unshielded max. : 150 m

Mechanical data
Width : 73 mm
Height : 196 mm
Depth : 225 mm

Ambient conditions
Operating temperature min. : -10 °C
Operating temperature max. : 40 °C
Protection rating : IP20

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