Variable Frequency Drive ABB ACS 150

Variable Frequency Drive ABB ACS 150


The ACS150-03E-02A4-4 from ABB is a 380VAC to 480VAC three phase AC supply. ABB micro drive ACS150 is designed to be incorporated into a wide variety of machines such as mixers, conveyors, fans or pumps or anywhere where a fixed speed motor needs to go variable speed motor. The ACS150 drives have an integrated user panel and potentiometer and a variety of features such as macros which are pre-defined I/O configurations like 3-wire, PID-control and motor potentiometer macro. In addition, the drives offer extensive range of parameters that help obtaining the best performance out of the application. FlashDrop, an optional drive configuration tool designed for volume configuration, can be used to quickly and easily configure unpowered drives. FlashDrop stores up to 20 different drive parameter sets and can copy parameters from one drive to another, or between a PC and a drive.
  • Output power normal use is 0.75KW, 1hp
  • Output current normal use is 2.4A
  • Enclosure class is IP20
  • EMC filter connected, 50Hz frequency
  • UL, cUL, CE, C-tick and GOST R approvals
  • Cabinet / wall mounting type
  • Built-in brake chopper


Motor Drive & Control

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