Variable Frequency Drive ABB ACS 480

Variable Frequency Drive ABB ACS 480


With a straightforward setup menu, commissioning, use and maintenance; the ABB ACS480 drive has all the essential features you need; built in. With its cabinet optimized size and embedded features, ACS480 is a great fit for variable torque and basic speed applications, where easiness, reliability and efficiency matters.

The ACS480 drive range feature an integrated C2 EMC filter, Safe-torque off, break chopper and Modbus RTU to simplify selection, ordering and installation. With integrated support for high efficiency motors enables best system efficiency. Built-in energy optimizer ensures maximum torque per ampere; and energy efficiency information help you monitor and save energy in your processes.

Model Number : ACS480-04-09A5-4
Manufacturer : ABB
Power Rating : 4kW
Output Current : 9.4Amps
Supply Voltage : 380-480V, three phase, +/- 10%
Output Voltage : 380-480V, three phase
Frame Size : R1
Dimensions : h.223mm w.73mm d.207mm
Weight : 1.77 Kg
Ambient : -10 to 50 C (No frost allowed)
Overload : 150% for 60 seconds
Output Frequency : 0-599 Hz
IP Class : IP20
Analogue Input : 2
Digital Inputs : 6
Relay Outputs : 3
Motor Thermistor Input : Option card
Integral RFI Filter : Yes
Remote Keypad Available : Yes

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