SIMOTICS HT Series HT-direct


  • General description
  • Technical data overview
  • Customer benefits
  • Typical applications

General description
The SIMOTICS HT Series HT-direct high-torque motors are permanent-magnet synchronous motors that can provide high torques at low speeds directly at the driven machine. High efficiencies and good power factors can also be achieved at low speeds as a result of the permanent magnet rotors.

The SIMOTICS HT Series HT-direct high-torque motors are offered as a harmonized system together with SINAMICS drive converters. The HT-direct motor / SINAMICS drive converter represents a drive solution with a long service lifetime but with low lifecycle costs and high efficiency for applications with low operating speeds.

Technical data overview

Customer benefits

  • With slow-running drives, the efficiency of the HT-direct series is approximately 2 to 3 % higher than for similar drive concepts, if gear or gear steps can be saved. For a 1000 kW motor, this results in a saving of 33 kW, which is an annual saving of approximately 15000 € for an operating time of 8 hours per day.
  • High pole design in combination with permanent magnet technology ensures that the space requirement and mass of the motors are lower than for similar asynchronous machines. The slow-running motors of the HT-direct series obviate the need for a gearbox in many cases (reduction in engineering, assembly and maintenance outlay, lower investment and lower operating costs).
  • Efficient, optimally matched drive system, SINAMICS converter and HT-direct motor for operation with or without encoders.
  • Thanks to their long service life (nominal bearing lifetime > 60000 hours), HT-direct high-torque motors are maintenance-free and have a high availability especially for applications in which a gearbox can be omitted.
  • Environmentally-friendly system (where applicable, no disposal of gearbox oil is necessary; energy-saving drive system).
  • Customization is possible

Typical applications
Applications where the following are important – high efficiency, low space requirements with low lifecycle costs for the drive solution. The main application of the SIMOTICS HT Series HT-direct high-torque motors areas are as follows:

  • Paper industry as roller and press drive
  • Marine industry as propeller drive (main and auxiliary drives)
  • Mining industry for mill drives
  • Steel industry e.g. for shears
  • Plastics industry as drive for extruder worms, foil-drawing machines
  • Crane industry for the widest range of applications
  • Sugar industry for sugar centrifuges
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