MVSI-TS – Italvibras

MVSI-TS – Italvibras Description The MVSI-TS series, obtained directly from the MVSI series, is characterized by the split weight covers. The weight cover is divided into two halves that can be removed in a radial direction. According to requirements it is possible to mount one or two split weight covers. The MVSI-TS series is indispensable[…]

MVSI – Italvibras

MVSI – Italvibras Description The MVSI series represents the line of reference products for manufacturer’s of vibrating machines and plants operating in many industrial sectors and is made up of the largest range on the market, with centrifugal force values up to 30500 Kgf (300kN). The MVSI series has been conceived to guarantee higher performance[…]

MVSI-ACC – Italvibras

MVSI-ACC – Italvibras Description The MVSI-ACC series, deriving directly from the MVSI series, is characterised by the motor shaft projecting from one side or from both sides, allowing in-line coupling, using a coupling, between two or even more equal vibrators. The MVSI-ACC series is very useful for manufacturers of large screens and vibrating machines, or[…]

MVSI-CDX – Italvibras

MVSI-CDX – Italvibras Description The CDX explosion-proof vibrators have been designed for use in industrial processes in a potentially explosive atmosphere. The enclosure of the CDX vibrators is equipped with increased thickness and joints to prevent the transmission of an internal explosion to the surrounding area. The CDX series is characterized and enhanced by many[…]

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