SIMOTICS TN Series H-compact


  • General description
  • Technical data overview
  • Customer benefits
  • Typical applications

General description
The increasing significance of energy-saving, environmental legislation, the desire for even smaller dimensions and the demands of domestic and international markets have led to the further development of the H-compact series that has proven itself over the years. SIMOTICS TN Series H-compact motors are used in the widest range of industry sectors – such as oil & gas, paper, chemical industry or steel. In these sectors, they are used to drive compressors, blowers, refiners, crushers and air separation systems.

Technical data overview

Customer benefits

  • Optimum efficiency and therefore lower operating costs.
  • High power density and compact design result in a lower space requirement and lower weight.
  • Additional advantages include the reliable bearing design as well as rotors with copper cage for a high degree of reliability and low additional losses (exception: aluminium die-cast cage for shaft height 450, 4- to 8-pole)
  • The bearings are designed for the highest degree of reliability. In turn, this results in excellent vibrational behavior, longer lifetime and lower service & maintenance costs.
  • The MICALASTIC® insulation with VPI impregnation (thermal class 155, previously temperature class F) guarantees a high degree of reliability and a long lifetime.
  • Approved Durignit® IR 2000 insulation system for shaft height 450, 4- to 8-pole.

Typical applications

  • Compressoren
  • Fans
  • Blowers
  • Pumps
  • Conveyor systems
  • Branch Chemical Industry
  • Branch Oil & Gas
  • Branch Water / Waste water
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