SIHI Volute Casing Pump ZLND

SIHI Volute Casing Pump ZLND

Pumps of the series SIHISuperNova ZLN are horizontal, single-stage volute casing pumps with connections and main dimensions to DIN 24255 / EN 733, plus 19 additional sizes. The design of the pump allows the complete drive unit to be withdrawn from the casing without disturbing the attached pipe work. If a spacer type coupling is used, it is also unnecessary to disconnect the motor.


Volute casing pumps of the ZLN range are used when clear or turbid liquids free from solid particles are to be pumped. Application areas for pumps in this range include automobile, mechanical and general engineering industries, food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry, paint industry, plastic and rubber industry, iron and non-ferrous metal industry, paper and pulp industry, textile industry, building and construction industry, heating and air conditioning, drainage, water supply and irrigation.

Technical Data:

Flow rate: up to 1,800 m³/h
Head: up to 140 m
Speed: max. 3,600 rpm
Temperature: max. 170 °C
Casing pressure: up to 16 bar
Shaft seals: gland packing, mechanical seal
Materials: grey cast iron, stainless steel

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