FUTSU Root Blower

Root Blower Futsu is used to transfer or move air from one place to another with a certain system. Commonly used for aerobic systems in water treatment.

Specifications and Application

Distinctiveness of TS Type Blower

The helical construction uses the stator helical method that the line of the sheath screen on the intake and outlet sides is cut into a helical shape, and the triangular suction and discharge ports formed by a straight line from the top of the rotor should be gradually opened and closed.

Therefore, this type of suction and discharge port is not opened or closed at certain times, which makes this blower has only a limited operating sound and is almost free of vibration from discharge.

The specialty of Mohnto PumpType Blower

  • Wide application range – can handle fluids with high/low viscosity or with semi-solid content.
  • Strong suction ability (8.5M water head), water supply equipment is not necessary.
  • Can suck up muddy liquid.
  • Constant transport speed without pulse, vortex or mixing.
  • It can rotate clockwise or counterclockwise, Therefore, the liquid can be transported in both directions, It operates normally even if air is channeled.
  • High discharge pressure even at low flow rates.
  • Can control the flow volume by adjusting the rotation speed.
  • Quiet duning operation.
  • Simple construction, easy to operate and maintain.
  • High discharge capacity can be 1.5-1.6 times more than others with the same size rotor.


Vacuum Capacity, Pressure and Range

Bore : 50 – 500 mm (2” – 20”)

Capacity : 04 – 490 m3/m (14 – 17300 CFM)


Single stage TS type 6000mm Aq.(0.6kg/cm2)


Single stage – 5000 mmAq.(-400 mmHg)


To purchase a complete Futsu Root Blower, accessories are included

  •  Electromotor
  • Pressure gauge
  • safety valve
  • pully
  • Cover Pully
  • Silencer
  • ball valve
  • Basplate
  • Vanbelt
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