Oriental Koshin Gear Pumps GC-13 Series

Oriental Koshin Gear Pumps GC-13 Series For Water Oil and Various Liquid Applications

Outstanding Features

  • A highly stable and durable pump with a large delivery volume, widely usable for agricultural and industrial applications.
  • Agricultural applications: irrigation, water-sprinkling of hotbeds, spraying of liquid manure and fertilizers, water-sprinkling for rice nurseries and water drainage.
  • Other applications: pumping of frying oil, millet jelly, coal tar, pitch and other non-oxidizing liquids.

This Oriental Koshin GC Series Gear Pump can be used for various industrial and agricultural jobs including pumping A-crude oil, crude oil, oil, urine and fertilizer, water drainage, laver collection, boiling oil, millet jelly, etc.


  • High lifting capacity and increased pressure.
  • Simple mechanism.
  • Compact and lightweight.

Application (GC)

  • Water
  • Kerosene
  • Light oil
  • Machine oil
  • Heavy oil
  • Various kinds of liquids


Model GC-13

Gear Material : Cast iron (entire)
Connection Dia : 13 mm (½”)
Delivery Volume, Revolution: 200 rpm : 10 L/min, (2 USG/min)
Delivery Volume, Revolution: 400 rpm : 21 L/min, (5 USG/min)
Delivery Volume, Revolution: 600 rpm : 32 L/min, (8 USG/min)
Delivery Pressure : 0.1 – 0.3 MPa (1-3kg/cm2)
Syphoning Factor : 4 m (13.1 ft) or less
Power : 200 W
Pulley : 5″ (125mm) x A1
Net Weight : 4 Kg
Gross Weight : 17.5 kg

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