SIMOTICS S Servo Motors

The synchronous servo/main spindle motors are perfectly matched to the SINAMICS drive system and to the SIMODRIVE 611 converter system. The high power/weight ratio of the synchronous servo/main spindle motors meets the main requirement for compact machine construction. The highlights of the motors are their: High overload capability High dynamic response High standstill torques Related[…]

SIMOTICS L linear Motors

SIMOTICS L linear Motors are linear drives in compact design featuring superior performance / force density. They are characterized by wear-free force transmission. SIMOTICS L linear Motors fulfill the highest requirements placed on dynamics, contour accuracy and precision and are optimized for operating high-performance machine tools and production machines.Water-cooled 1FN3 motors are available in two[…]

SIMOTICS T Torque Motors

Complete torque motors 1FW3The complete torque motor for applications with high torques.Complete torque motors are permanent magnet AC synchronous motors that are used as a replacement for hydraulic and conventional electric drives, consisting of electric motor and gearbox or belts. They are especially suited for use as direct drives in applications with a torque range[…]

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